Fuel Accumulator Removal and Installation

Despite all of the postings and reading I have done for this procedure after doing it I would have to say it was harder to put the Fuel filter on that this. I hope this guide will help others replace this common part on the Delorean as I wish I had a guide before I did.
Gather the Tools you will need. YOU DO NOT need a car lift for this procedure and I did not once wish I had one while I was working.  All you need is a good set of Jack Stands.  I have a set of Jack Ramps the kind you pull up on.  Although I simply Jacked up the Car and slid them under the rear tires they worked fine.  I am 5'11" 220Lbs and I had plenty of room. You will need to make a stop by you local auto parts store and pick up a Metric STUBBY wrench set (I picked mine up at Advance Auto for like $12.95 for a set of 10.  All you really need is a 17mm and a 19mm.  You need a Flat Head Screwdriver, a 10mm Socket with Extension and that's it!
The DeLorean's Fuel Accumulator resides in a little "Cubby hole" right before the Transmission.  It is located about 7 ft from the rear of the car in the "dead" center.  Here is what mine looked like before the replacement. I labeled this picture with number to tell you which ones to remove in the right order. (#1.) Is the high pressure connector from the fuel pump I think.  Remove this first since the clap is holding it firm you will have good leverage. Use the 17mm Stubby open end wrench to loosen. After it was loose mine came off easily.  A little bit of fuel will drip out I have a old Cool whip bowl to try to catch any spillage.  (I would also recommend some safety glasses or goggles to make sure no gas gets in your eyes. Remove the Connector from the Fuel pump

Next remove the 4 bolts holding on the clamp (#2). They are 10mm so use the socket with the extension.  Be sure to save the rubber cushion because you will need it during re-assembly.  I am referring to the black "Sock" that goes around the accumulator.
With (#1) and(#2) removed you can position (#3) the fuel return line so you can remove it.  This simply uses a worm clap.  So use your flat head screwdriver and loosen it and remove the line.  I got the most gas from this line so I used a hole punch to plug the tube after I removed it from the accumulator.  It seemed to work very well will minimal gas spillage.
Now I carefully let the accumulator drop down so that I could reach (#4) the last gas line.  I used the 19mm wrench to remove this last line. I did not get much fuel leakage from this line either but the cool whip bowl was there in case there was.
Installation was the same in reverse. It took about 1 hour including the trip to Advance Auto for the wrenches. Everything works GREAT!!...but my hot start problem is still here  :(

I hope this helps


Update.. Hot Start problem Solved.. Replaced Check Valve O Ring in the Fuel Distributor.