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One of the first things I did was start looking for a Fiero.  I looked specifically for a 5 speed because I wanted a manual.  You will learn quickly that the body condition, interior condition, tires, etc., will not be re-used therefore are not important in your decision of which car to purchase.  If you are going to re-use the engine then choose that carefully, but I wasn't even concerned with engine condition, because I was changing that.  However, when I purchased the car I didn't know that all of those items weren't important, and ended up with a 87 GT in fairly nice shape.  The part of the donor that I ended up using was the chassis (and not even all of it). 
  If you plan on using the manual transmission from the original car, I would highly recommend Muncy Getrag.  Which is the heavier duty transmission.  From the research I've done, 1987 and 1988 were standard Muncy Getrags.  If you intend on swapping out the engine, I would consider looking for a 4 cylinder.  Simply because the throttle cable is longer and needed for the stretch.  Plus they are cheaper :)  If you can find a Fiero with any damage on it, as long as the K- Frame is not damaged, then buy it.  The "junkier" the better, because face it, if you are building a SuperCar, you will replace a lot of the parts anyway.  If you want the options such as tilt steering wheel and air conditioning, which you need both...make sure your donor has them.  And you will find out how valuable both of this options are once the kit is complete.  Remember anything your donor doesn't have or isn't equipped with, is something you will have to buy or manufacture.

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