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I could tell you that you should have every tool known to man, but that would not be practical.  Face it if we were that fortunate and rich we would not be building a KIT Car but rather the real thing.  So here is a list of equipment that I would recommend you have at the MINIMUM so plan on buying it.
  • Garage! Do not try to do it without one
  • Mig Welder (120 or Better)
  • Air Compressor
  • Air Chisel/Hammer
  • Air Sander
  • Saws All
  • Drill 1/4"
  • Grinder/Bench and Hand
  • Floor Jack


  • Metal cutting blades TONS
  • Dura Glass (Fiberglass)
  • Jack stands
  • Garage Seat (Highly recommended)
  • Obviously Small hand tools like pliers, screw drivers, sockets etc...
  • Fiero Manual (Helms)



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