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Now, everyone has a different opinion and most of the decision is up to your eyes and in my case, my wife's.  We are building this car together, and we are both sharing opinions on all aspects.  You can take my opinion with a grain of salt, as with any opinion and this entire web site.  There are several kit manufacture's out there.  And I've either e-mailed, spoke to them, seen their work, or have heard about them all.  The first decision I had to overcome was whether to do a Countach or a Diablo.  As you already know the outcome of this decision, I will explain why I choose the Diablo.  It is because you can roll the windows down.  I know it sounds funny, but my wife didn't like the Countach for one reason and one reason only, it is because you can't roll the windows down more than about one or two inches.  If I had bought a Countach, it would have been from EuroWorks, in Dayton, OH. The owner, Alan, and I are now friends. But, since I choose the Diablo, I had to go with someone who built Diablo's.  I took this project very seriously and did a lot of research.  I narrowed my search down to two companies.  D&R Replicars in Pennsylvania and IFG in California.  I choose D&R.  For a few different reasons but mainly because they were closest to me and the fact that IFG's body was not copied exactly from the original car.  It was engineered by IFG through drawings.  If I was going to spend the money we are talking about, I wanted the most authentic looking car possible.  Also, the completeness of the kit from D&R far outweighed that of IFG.  As you can see by the photos below...it took a full sized pickup truck and a flat bed car trailer, just to pick everything up. Now I am not bad mouthing IFG as they have a fantastic support group; however, these were my deciding factors.  Since my original search I have found several other manufactures that have begun to carry Diablo kits, so I can not comment on them since I have had no experience with their product.  A good source of information is a forum devoted to Diablo builders at www.kitcentral.com you may want to post that question to one of the folks there.
     The kit that we picked was the 30th anniversary with the Jota upgrade, which has a different rear deck lid with scoops.  D&R now offers the 2000 packages, which has adifferent dash and different headlights, and in our own opinion it looks like a 300ZX.  We wanted something more original and different.  Also the Jota is rare, considering out of the 150 Diablo SE's that exist only 12 have the Jota upgrade and at least one of those was totaled in an accident.  Even though ours isn't authentic, we hope upon completion, you won't be able to tell the difference.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. 



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