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My name is Jason Jones I live in Dayton, Ohio.  I am one of the editors for KitCarMagazine.com and in order to help facilitate learning, provide some great resources to our visitors we have decided to build a kit car, documenting everything online.  I choose the Lamborghini Kit because, ever since I was in grade school I have been fascinated with Lamborghinis' beginning with the Countach.  I used to draw them, have posters of them, make models of them.... well you get the point AND because it WAS one of the most difficult kits to build. This is not like a Cobra replica where as long as your pockets are "deep" you can buy the part and bolt it on. The Lamborghini kits are tough. The will require welding, part fabrication, mechanical skills and plenty of TIME. If you think this is a simple bolt together kit, your are grossly mistaken and if you do not have $25K or more in the bank then you have picked the wrong kit.  This is my "Story" I hope you learn from my progress and take my opinions for what they are. My views are just that, MY views. If you do not like them or if you think they are wrong then feel free to leave. This website was not developed for profit nor do my opinions express that of the KitCarMagazine.com company. Our intentions of this site is to provide visitors and builders a place to learn. Feel free to email me as I enjoy talking to people about our work and kit cars in general.
  RESEARCH  RESEARCH  RESEARCH - I can not say this word enough to all of you perspective kit car builders.  Take the time and do research on a company's product BEFORE you put any money down.  I have been to The Carlisle kit car shows and talked with many people and I am telling you from experience the Kit car industry is NOT as Black and White as we would like to believe.  Many do not even have a shop and most of the ones that do are dirty, cheap and VERY unprofessional.  I heard a story first hand from a guy who was picked up from the airport by a kit car "Manufacture" in the very car he was looking to buy.... get this he could see the road below as he sat in the passenger side!  Now keep in mind there are several fantastic resellers and builders out there who you could buy from rather than right from the manufacture.  You may find better help and "know how" than from a manufacture.  Think about it, these guys build these cars for a living so they know all the pitfalls and tricks. I would suggest contacting the manufacture of the kit car and ask them for a list of their partner builders.  There is often times where they will be able to get you some parts that an manufacture simply can not or does not what to deal with.
  SECONDLY - Go into this EYES WIDE OPEN.  This is not a put together "overnight" kit.  Companies that just build other manufactures kits takes months and years to complete a Countach or Diablo.  Of course without too much Fiero modification I have seen a nice looking Countach from Euro Works be completed in a few months. This is NOT just a toy this is a lot of work! I can't express that enough. But let me tell you the rewards are plenty :)  Now I would call myself a KALAE (Know a little about everything, usually referred to as a jack of all trades)  I have never welded anything in my life before this car nor have I ever done some of the things I have had to learn.  I can say this much I am not disappointed, because I did go into this project with my eyes open.  So I know if I can do this so can any one can with the proper motivation, skills and TIME.

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